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The E·LAND Group (“The Group”) is the first and largest integrated fashion and retail company
by revenues in Korea. The Group is a market innovator, creator and leader whereby the
accumulated specialist know-how in fashion business is strategically integrated with its creative
approach to retail business.

The Group’s core businesses are fashion and retail while it takes part in other business activities
such as hotel, condominium, restaurants, interior, e-business and construction.
The Group also has a strong presence overseas, in particular, in China and has a sharp focus for
growth overseas.

The E·LAND Group has successfully grown from a pure fashion business to a full scale retailer.
The Group enjoys strong consumer loyalty as the owner of fashion brands known for high quality and
good values. Using that strong presence in the fashion industry as a backbone for growth,
it is the dominant leader in the department store-style fashion outlet market. The compound average
growth rate of the revenues of the Group recorded 38.2% from 1987 to 2007 during which period
the Group’s revenues increased by 647 times.

The Group is a market pioneer. It has committed itself in discovering niches and identifying consumer
needs. The Group pioneered the medium priced branded fashion franchise market in the
1980s when the market was divided into up-market department store branded items and low price
unbranded fashion items. The Group was successful in transforming an identified risk into a profit
making opportunity by pioneering into the discounted fashion outlet retail business under the name of
2001Outlet in 1994 for the first time in Korea.

The Group selectively acquired several companies that expanded the Group’s retail presence and
diversified the Group’s business portfolio on its way. All acquired companies were strategically and carefully
chosen for the products or services that mutually complement one another.
Such acquisitions were performed with a view to create synergy effects in between and among the companies
the Group commands.
The Group has a history of successfully reviving acquired businesses with its innovative ideas.