Home The E·LAND Group Business Overview

The E·LAND Group’s vision is to become a “world-class fashion and retail company equipped
with global competitiveness”.

To achieve this vision, the Group uses a vertical integration strategy, which creates synergy
from retailing the Group’s own products among other products. Having identified the
importance of a retail network in operation of fashion business, the Group strengthened
its retail presence since the mid 1990s. The Group constantly strives to maximize the
synergy of possessing both product procurement and distribution capabilities as well as the
emerging and overseas businesses that complement the Group’s two core businesses,
fashion and retail.

The Group has an increased focus overseas with its expanding fashion apparel business
in China and US markets.

Retail business will jump the challenging profitability hurdles by:

_Product differentiation through development of private brands
_Achieving price competitiveness by way of global sourcing
_Improvement of efficiency and cost saving by use of the Enterprise Resource Planning system

Fashion business pursues the best fashion power and profitability in the global market by:

_Launching new brands that reflect customer needs
_Licensing competitive overseas brands
_Adoption of a low-inventory system through QR (Quick Response) production.

Emerging businesses will continue to support the Group’s core retail and fashion businesses
while striving for independent growth. The Group’s emerging businesses include construction,
hospitality,leisure and restaurants among others.

Overseas business will continue its expansion in China and the US. In particular, the Group’s
Chinese ladies apparel business is the 5th largest in China and is rapidly growing.

The E·LAND Group has been identifying and investing in businesses that it believes can
potentially become a cornerstone of future growth of the Group. 2007 has been a year that
such investments have started to materialize. E·LAND Construction having constantly
expanded into the residential and industrial office building markets while maintaining its core
business of constructing and remodeling the Group’s retail stores, became one of the major
revenue earners of the Group in 2007.

The Group acquired Samlip Highla condominiums in 2006 which had the third largest market
share in Korea and subsequently renamed the same to Kensington Resort. Extensive renovation
of the premises along with comprehensive service staff training was carried out to
improve the overall quality of the acquired condominiums.

The Group strengthened its overseas presence by expanding its retail networks in China.
The Group now commands 1,084 concessions located in 428 department stores in 119 cities
and 29 provinces in China as of 31 December 2007. By using an up-market designer
apparel market positioning strategy, the Group’s major Chinese market brands such as
E·LAND, Scofield and Teenie Weenie compete with top of the line overseas designer brands.
The Group’s total revenue for 2007 in China was approximately US$326.6 million representing
a phenomenal year on year growth of 94%.

In November 2007, the Group expanded its US operations by launching its first fashion retail
shop WHO.A.U at Stamford Shopping Mall in Connecticut. Its debut was welcomed by
Christmas shoppers who liked the shop for its great store interior and reasonable prices.
Boosted by the first shop’s success, the Group plans to open two more shops at Garden
State Mall in New Jersey and Palisade Mall in New York in the first half of 2008.